The peaceful mountain village of Anterivo is idyllically embedded in a picturesque natural landscape – snow-white in winter, lush green in spring, flaming orange in autumn and always beautiful in summer. Surrounded by the mountains of the Dolomites, explore natural treasures of a very special kind here. We have put together some of the most beautiful and exciting highlights in the immediate vicinity of the Wanderhotel Langeshof in the Monte Corno Nature Park for you on this page. Dream holiday, here we come:

Monte Corno Nature Park – unique biodiversity

The Monte Corno Nature Park is South Tyrol’s nature park with the richest types of flora and fauna. And the Wanderhotel Langeshof in Anterivo is right in the middle of it. It is the contrasts within the nature park that make this diversity possible: while the climate is harsher in the north-east, the south-western area of the park lies in the sub-Mediterranean climate zone. While hiking in the Monte Corno Nature Park, nature lovers will encounter flower-filled meadows with 60 different species of orchid, open larch forests, wetlands and moorlands. The central attraction of the park is the Monte Corno Nature Park House. Nature walks are offered during the summer here, along with numerous activities such as the opportunity to join in bread baking and family afternoons.


Bletterbach GEOPARC – on the trail of the dinosaurs

Welcome to South Tyrol’s largest and most impressive canyon! Rock layers tower up more than 20 metres high on both sides of the stream bed in the Bletterbach gorge. Here, you can closely examine the structure and origin of the magnificent Dolomites. The 8-kilometre-long gorge is located around 20 minutes north of Langeshof. Fossil and natural history fans are in their element here! The visitor centre provides information on the geological development of the Dolomites, 16 information boards along the path through the gorge explain the rock formations, fossilised plants and animals and the numerous tracks of the different types of dinosaurs.


Nature experience trails – legends of the Dolomites

Families, in particular, appreciate the lovingly designed and laid-out nature trails in Anterivo and the surrounding area. The Anterivo Trail of Legends takes its visitors on a journey to the Waeltscha Hex, the Morèl-Weibelen and the Carlin de Nantarù. Stretching over 2.5 kilometres with eight stations, the trail illustrates the legends of the Dolomites around Anterivo. The 2-kilometre Trodena Trail of Legends is also dedicated to this theme … hardly surprising, as the area is rich in stories and legends from a bygone age. The Gschnoner circular hiking trail offers a breathtaking panorama. Over a total distance of 4.5 kilometres and a slight difference in altitude of 120 metres, the trail takes you past information boards explaining about the local conifers and game species, past amazing vantage points, such as the Pulptio, whose magnificent view stretches from the Brenta Group across the Adige Valley, the Oltradige, the Mendelkamm, the Gruppo di Tessa, and the Monti Sarentini up to Reggelberg. Guests can relax after hiking in the Kneipp Recreation Room Sandegg in Anterivo. Far from any noise and the hectic of daily routine, the complex with its small water world is embedded in the landscape beneath mighty larches.


Summit ventures for all – sunrise on the Corno Bianco

There are as many and as different mountain peaks in South Tyrol as beaches or bays elsewhere. Ranging from easy-to-walk hills up to three-thousand-metre peaks that are difficult to climb. A particularly beautiful and imposing summit, which is also pleasantly easy to climb, is situated nearby, so we should mention it here as one example: the Corno Bianco. It offers even less experienced mountain climbers or families a top-class summit experience with a fantastic panoramic view of the mountains of South Tyrol. And if you are looking for an unforgettable natural spectacle, we recommend climbing to the summit in the early hours of the morning to watch the sunrise at the summit cross.


South Tyrol’s south – between languages and cultures 

In the holiday region around Anterivo, you can explore the richness of languages and cultures on foot. Located in the south of South Tyrol, the holiday area borders directly onto Italian-speaking Trentino, and has therefore been influenced by the German-speaking and Italian-speaking mountain culture for centuries. The many cultivated alpine pastures bear testimony to this: today there’s South Tyrolean Knödeltris dumplings and tomorrow perhaps a polenta refined with Gorgonzola. Hmmm, variety tastes so good here! Especially interesting are the so-called language islands in Trentino … in some areas and villages of the region the local dialect contains numerous expressions drawn from the German language. Our tip: make a detour into the neighbouring valleys and go on tours all around the beautiful mountain landscape throughout the region.


Geological fault line – where it is lucky to have bad luck

It must have been an incredible event when the “world broke apart”, or at least geologically speaking, here in the region around Anterivo on the Trodena fault line millions of years ago. Divided by the Trodena fault line, two geological areas came together: the “white” limestone area and the “black” porphyry area. The phenomenon of the two adjacent but differently coloured mountain peaks is beautifully illustrated in the Corno Bianco and the Corno Nero. And not only rock borders collide in this diverse area, but also national and language borders. Nowadays, no one around Anterivo talks about borders any more, but about connections: because the two rock worlds and their different landscape characteristics, as well as the cultural and linguistic diversity of the surroundings are precisely what make up the beauty, uniqueness and charm of the surroundings. What a diverse and unique holiday region.