180107-langeshof-logo-022The Langeshof was first mentioned in a document in 1580. In 1880, Matthias Zwerger – the great-great-grandfather Adele – acquired Langeshof farm, thereby laying the foundation for the later hospitality business. Thee farm was divided between his two sons Matthias and Benedikt in 1914. Matthias managed his father‘s farm, which can still be seen on the opposite side of the road. Benedikt, on the other hand, built a new farmstead for himself and his family – today’s guesthouse, the Langeshof. He began renting out rooms to travellers as early as the 1930s, when the first gentle harbingers of today‘s tourism were announced. Thee Second World War came soon after, disrupting the people‘s steady life as well as the tourism industry. Thee war had barely ended when Adele’s grandparents Maria and Maximilian once again threw open their doors to visitors and haven‘t closed them again since. In 1959, the Langeshof was officially declared a „B&B with bar and restaurant“. Since then, 60 years have passed. Something has changed (epansion in 1965/66 and 1993/94) – but many things remained unchanged. You can still spend relaxing holidays, because Adele and Benedikt will care for, advise and pamper. Over the years, our guests have become regulars with our exceptionally friendly hospitality. Every new guest is received and cared for with dedication, everyone who has ever been to the Langeshof knows that.